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  1. Moogujora

    RAID Chassis 2 U, FC/iSCSI Hybrid Storage 48x slots for up to 48x cm (") SAS (12 Gbps) LFF HDDs (GQAADHS-Sxxx) and/or SSDs (GQAADSS-Sxxx) Enclosure including Dual RAID controller, 8x FC/iSCSI SFP+ ports, 2x SAS Ports (out), 2x Ethernet ports, 2x redundant hot-swap AC adapters and rack kit.
  2. Dut

    The last point can’t be emphasised enough: I’m still not fully decided whether Welcome To Mikrosector is an album with talky bits or an audiobook with tunes. Thankfully, the story’s a riot. Mr. finally makes the return journey to his home on Mikrosector, only to rock up five years too late.
  3. Shaktira

    Gemini - SLATE4 SETUP Step 1. Connections Connect the SLATE4 with your computer using the provided USB cable. Connect your Headphones to the Headphones socket and your amplifier/amplified speakers to the Master Out socket at the side panel of the SLATE4 using an RCA cable.
  4. Kajitilar

    the maghreban returns to r&s for a new single following his dark debut album 01deas, perhaps with an icier sound. monster vip is a reworking of a double time rap track from the maghrebans strange u side project he added breaks and rolled it out. end level bosses lurk. beware of the monster. rave navel-gazing back to his roots: his first ever release was a jungle 12inch in early support.
  5. Tukinos

    Feb 27,  · Playing Quadraphonic records question. Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Bill Cormier, Feb 27, Thread Status: Not open for further replies. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Bill Cormier Forum Resident Thread Starter. Location: Malta, New York. A friend of mine has a ton of Quad LP`s that he would like to play.
  6. Muzil

    And, in fact, Space Dimension Controller repeats the android Frenchmen’s trick of tactically deployed soft rock guitar solos, with equally frazzling results. So in short Welcome to Mikrosector 50 is rather excellent, with the only real dud on the album being the slightly tedious 70s porno-funk of ‘Quadraskank Interlude’.

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